PVC Fabricated Products & Specials


For 13 years New plastic pipes has led the field in the design and manufacture of fabricated pvc fittings.New plastic products cover wide range of specialized applications,which require custome made items. This fittings have been installed on sewerage,watter supply,irrigation,firemains,soil and waste contract though out the UAE.All products are generally fabricated from UPVC Material. We are making Long Radious Bend, End Caps,Couplers,Puddle flanges, Bell Mouth with Carboradam finishing,Grease Traps type A,B, C, D,PVC Greatings ,Gully Traps,Dry manholes,Any kinds of Headers with GRP Coating and any other fabrication works as per the drawings.

A Type Grease Trap

B Type Grease Trap

C Type Grease Trap

D Type Grease Trap

Sand Trap

Catch Basin

P Trap

Dry Manholes

Gulley Trap

Puddle Flange


Fabricated 90 degree Elbow

90 Degree Bend


Soil Wye Branch

End Cap

Gully Trap

Boss Connector

Vent Cowl

Angled Roof Outlet

Water Supply Headers

Fabricated Soil Interceptors

Fabricated Cross Tee & Nomal Tee

Catch Basin & Ramp Channel Gully

Dry Gully Trap

Sweep Tee

Soil Off Set Bend

PVC Grating

Slotted Land Drain Pipes